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“SWARN PRABHA NIDHI LIMITED” was incorporated on April, 2015 under the Companies Act, 2013 asa mutual benefit/Nidhi Company moving on the business of a non-banking financial organization. The Company commenced its business with great enthusiasm and dedication with a vision to become one of the leading Nidhi Companies in India.

The Prime objective of this company to cultivate the habit of savings among members of the company. It is a non-banking financial company doing the business of lending and borrowing with its members or shareholders only in accordance with the rules and regulation prescribed for Nidhi Company and accept deposits merely from its members/shareholders within the norms prescribed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Our mission to reach every needy person in order to full fill their necessity and spread happiness and prosperity among our members/shareholders. Moreover, our prime aim to satisfy our customers and to promote the mutual growth of our shareholders/members through establishing trust and accountability as well as through this process our company strives to bring prosperity and happiness among our society at large and provide our contribute in the development of our country.

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